Sunday , 21 December 2014
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Review: LG G Watch R is a classic-looking smart watch

LG G Watch R

tl;dr The LG G Watch R wins over the other android smart watches in terms of specifications, slimmer, longer battery life, brilliant POLED screen, and a very sporty looking smart watch that looks like an actual watch. The LG G Watch R follows the classic round watch face, differing from the previous model of a square watch face, which immediately feels a lot more like a ... Read More »

Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings: Reminiscing the old times from the 1960s

Shirley Nair and The Silver Strings

Not many can remember the swinging sixties, when Singapore was just awakening to the dawn of a new age of independence amidst a growing popular culture heavily influenced by the West. Even less can reminisce about local music makers like The Silver Strings, who among many other homegrown talents, sought to carve out a career in music. While this was ... Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Band will go on sale on 16 Dec in Singapore

Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band is a fitness tracking wrist band that monitors your fitness and tracks your sleep. Featuring the industry’s most power-efficient Bluetooth chip and accelerometer, the Mi Band can be powered for 30 days on one charge, and also doubles up as an alarm clock. Here are some key features of Xiaomi Mi Band: IP67 water and dust resistant Tracks motion ... Read More »

What gadget should I buy for Christmas? Here’s my recommended list for the gadget geeks

Photo by DK.SG

So it’s Christmas again, and I felt like doing a list of gadgets I would recommend that will make a great Christmas present for your love one. Ok, not that I felt like it, but apparently I keep getting asked what gadget they should buy. So here are my the list of highly recommended gadgets! I’ll only pick one gadget from each ... Read More »

Connect with Customers Differently in 2015 – Trends in a Digital Age


Guest Post by Simon Davies, Area Vice President, Enterprise Sales, 
Asia Vice President for ASEAN, Greater China and Korea Salesforce, Edited by Justin Lee We are living in the single most innovative era in the history of technology, where everything and everyone is being connected, and a company’s relationship with its customers is the new bottom line. Three key trends have, ... Read More »