Wednesday , 24 May 2017
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First day blogging

Finally, I got my own blog. Do you guys know the hassle of actually thinking up a name, a nickname AND a sub-domain name for your blog when practically every possible name has been taken up? Anyway, just some introduction to this blog. It’s my own personal blog which I intend to put up anything I want, from quotes I find funny, to my own thoughts, to some interesting links I’d like to archive. Great place to share links and information. I’ll also be writing some commentary on the technology scene, if I have some quirks I’d like to bring up. Maybe some tutorials or even my up-coming presentations. I’ll also be customising my blog as time goes by, and put up some of my favourite links I go to, and more things to let you guys know more about me. So, I hope you’d enjoy my blog and my eccentricity.


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  1. It’s about time Trippie! Glad you joined in the Bloggie world.


  2. I will join you in blogging real soon.

  3. WOw…so many pppl here liao…aiks

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