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Successful Product/Solution Analysis

Stupid blogger destroyed my writing on it. And I’m too lazy to write again. So I’m just going to sum everything up.

Analysing how a successful product/solution become successful is basically what I’ve been thinking about the last few days.

To have a successful product/solution, you’ll need to have a solid Vision for it. Vision to bring the product/solution far and wide. That means you’ll have to promote, advertise, and get people to listen to you.

Next. You need to have Passion to drive the product/solution. With passion, you can bring the product to higher reaches. With Passion, you can imagine the possibilities out there.

Next. Cooperation VS Competition. For me, I’d rather choose Cooperation. Cooperation yields almost the same result as Competition. You further your product/solution to become better, you strive to be better than your competitor. But Cooperation really brings about a whole new meaning to everything. Let me explain. Cooperating will give your users/clients a better and smoother ride along your product/solution.

Next. Don’t think of possibilities. Try out unknown possibilities and see how it can start something new. What I mean is, instead of pondering how we can work together, why don’t you think, we CAN work together, let’s discuss further how we can work together even more. During this discussion or whatever, you’ll start seeing MORE possibilities coming out than you thinking of it by yourself without the other party.

Next. Possibilities are the Key to Innovation. Don’t turn away any idea or possibility that might come into your mind. Keep it. Archive it. Store it for later use. Don’t let your mind be restricted by what you can do. Possibilities are limitless, it is you who set the limit.

Next. And I think it’s the most important point. User Experience. It’s really how your user/client enjoy using your product/solution and how easy it is to use it. Don’t restraint yourself to within the box. Think and innovate outside, and new possibilities on new ways you can create your user experience. I’m not talking about fanciful graphics and such. I’m talking about a totally new concept that’s natural, easy to pick up, and it’s just simply fun to do.

That’s about all I want to say. Summed up from my previous attempt to post. I’m going to copy this post just in case. I hope someone reads this and actually finds this useful.

Disclaimer. These are my own thoughts. And some discussion points I might like to bring up. I might be wrong.

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