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Problems installing VSTS 2005 Dec. 2004 CTP

Some of you guys might be having trouble installing VSTS aka Visual Studio Team Suite (which is the new name for Visual Studio 2005) and come across this problem as described here.

Problems installing VSTS 2005 Dec. 2004 Refresh

Well, the problem I had was a conflict with the .NET Framework 2.0, with SQL Server 2005 Dec 2005 CTP being installed first. And what is the solution for this?

Uninstall your .NET Framework 2.0, install the VSTS (which now installs), then repair SQL Server 2005. This is how you get it working.

I do not know if you’ll have any problems install SQL Server 2005 after installing VSTS 2005. :) Anyone tried and have problems?

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  1. Ok. I realised. It sucks. You CAN’T get Yukon working. BAH. HUMBUG.

  2. Problem. Enterprise Manager hangs. Trying to get it working. But then again, can’t I work on the VS IDE instead?

  3. OK! I got it working. Management Studio miraculously worked. :)

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