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Practical Session : Visual Source Safe on SCCBridge

Yesterday we had a practical session yesterday trying to set up SCCBridge to access VSS. It actually was quite simple to set up actually.

Just a short description of SCCBridge. SCCBridge is a bridge between your VSS and supposedly your lan/internet. It uses WSE 2.0 and SOAP to achieve this. It’s split into 2 parts. The server and the client. The server is a webservice that interfaces with your VSS. It’s simple to set up. Just edit the web.config and change your VSS directory settings, and expose it to your IIS and the outside world.

The client is basically an SCC that installs into your Visual Studio. You’ll need to install WSE 2.0 first. The functionalities are all the same.

Anyway, the problem we faced was quite simple. We had to set up the VSS directory permissions. Added the Network Service account and give it read/write/modify access.

Another problem we faced was when trying to access through the internet, as an external connection. I can’t seem to log in. It might be something wrong with my connection I guess. I’m behind a router.

Anyway, here are the threads that discusses this.

Practical: Visual Source Safe over Internet

Access VSS via the Internet

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