Monday , 1 May 2017
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Emails ALL GONE!!!!

For those who have sent me emails since 05/03/2005 onwards, please re-send. My emails all went down the /dev/null.

Apparently the problem was this.

Fixed it. Now everything works. But I lost 2 days worth of emails. Sorry to everyone. Please resend emails to me. Thanks. That includes Jason, Ken, Kitkai, Howard.

Thanks alot for the inconvenience. I’ll be sending you guys emails to request you guys to resend to me.

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  1. How to troubleshoot the POP3 Connector in Windows Small Business Server 2003:;EN-US;885685

    Most of the time I’ve found that the emails are there..but just stuck in a folder

  2. Well, yeah. I followed that and found out that it wasn’t anything to do with the delivery. The mails were all sent out and couldn’t be put into the respective exchange mailboxes, therefore all the mails are gone from the directory.

    Thanks anyway. Hee!

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