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C# Game/Graphics Engines

Just looking back at my old love of game development, I’m here to recommend some good game and graphic engines that’s free and opensourced, which are all very good stuff. Naturally, that works with C#, but not confined to Managed DirectX. Did I mention they are also cross-platform?

Axiom3D – Game Engine that’s based on OGRE, a C++ graphics engine. It uses Managed DirectX and Managed OpenGL.

Personally I’ved worked with Axiom3D before to create some demoscenes and mini-games. It’s a wonderful piece of work. But the interface changed quite alot since the last time I played with it. It has a lot of new stuff, like new physics and UI engine.

RealmForge GDK – Game Development Kit that’s also opensource.

I haven’t used this before, but I heard from recommendations it’s quite extensive and complete, eventhough it’s just v0.6 and not a full v1.0 yet. If I’m not wrong, it includes a scripting engine too. Not too sure.

Purple# – Game Engine that’s coded in C#. It’s a shader driven 3d engine for .NET.

Neither have I used this before. I’m not too sure how good it is, but it’s another engine coded for the .NET platform. Not much to comment on this, but I heard it’s good.

That’s that. As you can see, I don’t have much experience with game development on the .NET framework, but I feel there is potential for it. It’s definitely much faster than working in Java.

For more information, do check out this fantastic website.

I frequent there last time, until I realise game development just didn’t make money here in Singapore. Anyway it’s still my passion to create a wonderful game where people can enjoy.


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