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Scholarships for University and more on CS 1.0

I think this might be my first non-technical post. I’m desperate to find scholarships or someone to sponsor me to go University, if I get into the University I want.

For those who already know, I’ve applied for University of Toronto and University of Waterloo, to the Computer Science program. Apparently, one of my family member is having an operation today, and that operation costs quite a far bit of money. Therefore, as you should already guess, my funds for university is much diminished.

I’ve looked at quite a few scholarships, and most of them require 3 A level distinctions, or S-Papers, which is quite apparent that I don’t have those. I’m currently holding a Diploma in Computer Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and it’s only a B average (or so my counselor at the Canadian Education Centre says). Furthermore, for those who doesn’t know, I’m very active in SgDotNet and currently am an MVP – Visual Developer C#.

So, now the big thing. Where do I find scholarships? I’ve checked up BrightSparks but like I said, most of them require quite exceptional results.

Oh well. Anyway, enough of lamenting. Here’s something I’d like to share with you guys who’s playing around with Community Server 1.0. The conversion tool from forums 2.0.1 to CS 1.0 is released by external sources. Here’s the link.

There’s a fix for the Anonymous users here.

Links for converting from nGallery to CS 1.0.

Community Server has also released their “documentation” which is a wiki. Check it out here.

Oh yes, did I mention SgDotNet is going to do migration? 🙂 Yes that’s right. That’s why I posted all these links here. And you think it’s for you. Haha! This blog is for me to remember things, not for you! Just joking. *wink*

Other cool stuff is this very cool Content Management System (CMS) that is actually quite good. It’s XHTML and CSS compliant. It’s called WordPress. And it’s totally done in PHP. Very good stuff. I’m wondering if CS 1.0 and DNN 3.0 is XHTML and CSS compliant. Even if it’s XHTML 1.0 Transitional, that’s pretty good already, in my opinion. Check WordPress out. They have a demo site setup here.

Is that enough information? Or is it not enough?

Interesting news. It seems that MVPs are going on revolt because Microsoft is stopping development on VB6.

That’s all folks for today.

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