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And you thought ActiveX was bad… Here comes Java!

Firefox Spyware infects IE?

The terror has come. Java Runtime Environment is now the target for spywares. It’s no more ActiveX. Read on to find out.

What if there was an infection out there that could bypass Firefox and still get its grubby little paws on IE, and from there, the heart of your OS? What if that same infection could get past not only FF, but a whole raft of other (supposedly more secure) browsers too?

What if, of all people, Neil Diamond was indirectly involved in this craziness?

Unfortunately, this has now become a reality and woe betide anyone looking for lyrics from Neil’s latest hit. You’re more likely to end up with a nasty case of browseritis. After hearing rumours of a Firefox Adware bundle from this thread, I thought I’d go check it out. The results were, as they say, a right kick in the pants.

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