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WS-ContractFirst (WSCF)

Yo yo yo. I’m 90% done with one of my long-passed dateline project, and NOW I’m going to rest. But before that, I’d like to share with you guys WebServices – Contract First.

A few weeks ago, my friend Softwaremaker gave a presentation to the SgDotNet User Group. And he did a wonderful presentation about WebServices – Contract First. Here’s his blog about it.

Introducing WS-ContractFirst (WSCF) to Singapore

And he did mention about Christian Weyer’s WS-ContractFirst (WSCF) tool. Please do check it out. Contract First with webservices is a good way to go, though not the best, but I assure you SWM has convinced me it’s the best way to go at the moment.

There is a March 2005 Indigo CTP just released on MSDN Subscribers. Here are a few good articles on Indigo.

Microsoft “Indigo” The Unified Programming Model for Building Service-Oriented Applications

Introducing Indigo: An Early Look

Well, that’s all folks! It’s dinner time, and after that, I have to do the rest of this. I have another 5 more projects which datelines are way long overdued. Sigh.

Hopefully till tomorrow, I’ll be blogging again.

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  1. > Contract First with webservices is a good way to go, though not the best

    It is not the best because of the primitive tooling out there. It should get better.

    Indigo is already taking a major step in allowing this to happen.

    Thanks a lot for the referral, Justin 🙂

    Appreciate it 🙂

  2. Tried the new Indigo CTP? I plan to test it out this weekend. How’s it like?

  3. I have been on the older Indigo bits (that wasnt available to the public) for the past few months 😉

    I have also tried the newer March CTP bits.

    So far, it has been relatively stable.

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