Monday , 1 May 2017
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A .NET Library to dynamically call Web services at runtime.

Have you ever thought of invoking your Web services dynamically without having to generate a client-side proxy class at design/compile time with WSCF, wsdl.exe or Visual Studio .NET? No need to know the exact Web service description and endpoint at compile/design time. Just get your WSDL, specify the service (binding) to use and the operations to call, and voila! The library can be used especially good in testing scenarios.

Just noticed this other good stuff for web services, posted by Softwaremaker. It’s from the same guy as the previous post I made, WS-ContractFirst (WSCF).

Do check it out.

Oh and just to add, the web services guru in Singapore, Softwaremaker aka William Tay’s blog.

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  1. > Just noticed this other good stuff for web services, posted by Softwaremaker

    It is ok to refer to him by name 😉
    Softwaremaker == William Tay

    Thanks for the referral, Justin 🙂

    Appreciate it 🙂

  2. I still like calling you softwaremaker. There’s only 1 swm around, and many Williams in the world. Haha!

    Anyway I forgot to put the referal on the link, so I’m gonna edit it and add your blog in. 🙂

    Didn’t know you read my blog too. Heh. Thanks!!

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