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Scenario Coverage Analyser for Team Foundation Server

Scenario Coverage Analyser is extremely useful for Managers and Customers who only understand “Requirements” and not code to check if all scenarios are covered. An Australian guy, Paul Stovell who’s one of Readify‘s senior developers, built this tool.

Ever wondered whether you actually need all that code in your project? How about ensuring that your scenarios are well defined and don’t cross over into each other? Or simply whether a particular scenario has indeed been addressed by the current solution codebase?

All of these questions are answered in the rich source of information generated by the Readify Scenario Coverage Analyser for TFS. The Scenario Coverage Analyser is a custom MSBuild task which enables users to correlate code coverage information with Scenarios and other work items from Team Foundation Server.

Because it’s a MSBuild task, the Scenario Coverage Analyser can be configured to run as part of your normal build process, automatically generating its Traceability Matrix report every time you build the solution. As a result, project managers and team leads can easily see a breakdown of the work items that map to a given unit test, and code coverage information for a specific scenario.

– From Readify Scenario Coverage Analyser

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