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My “Security” TechNet Tour in Canada

TechNet National Tour

My “Security” TechNet Tour
How do you build a security strategy, what are some of the common attacks and how can you test your network to see if you are vulnerable, and finally how do you “sell” security to management? Join us at the My TechNet tour where we will take a whole up approach to security from what is required to build a security strategy, to how to sell it to management, and finally go deep with demos on configuring security in your environment.

City Date
Winnipeg October-11-07
St. Johns, NFLD October-16-07
Ottawa October-18-07
Quebec City October-23-07
Montreal October-25-07
Vancouver October-30-07
Calgary November-01-07
Edmonton November-06-07
Regina November-08-07
Toronto November-08-07

Here’s the agenda.

Registration – 9:00 AM (30 Minutes)

Session 1 – 9:30 AM (60 Minutes)

Security is still the number one thing on the minds of IT Professionals according to the voting portion of this tour. Therefore, the first session is going to cover some of the common security mistakes many people are making, what are the possible attacks that may occur against those mistakes (yeah we are going to break things) and how to build an in depth approach to defending against these issues and mitigating the risks.

Session 2 – 10:45 AM (90 Minutes)

Security starts with the core tasks an IT Professional performs. In this session we are going to look back at the security mistakes outlined in the first session and look at how we can resolve those issues. This session covers the technologies available, proper education of your users and IT staff, and concludes with best practices from the field. We will be sure to cover the fundamentals of proper security architecture for your environment.

Lunch – 12:15 PM (45 Minutes)

Session 3 – 1:00 PM (90 Minutes)

Security does not end with a good password policy and proper NTFS (New Technology File System) permissions. One of the most common attack points is your web presence. The application platform is one of the most crucial areas to secure and in this session we will continue our deep dive into security and look at the security best practices for SQL Server, Internet Information Services 6.0, and SharePoint. As more and more Lin of Business applications rely of these technologies it is crucial that they are secure to keep your business running.

Questions and Answers – 2:30 (Until All Your Questions are Answered)

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