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Uninformed Journal Release Announcement: Volume 8

This just came in my mail last week, so I thought people who’s into security might be interested. It’s been some time since I’ve touched security stuff, but Uninformed Journal always has some really good articles. Do check them out.

Uninformed is pleased to announce the release of its eighth volume. This volume includes 6 articles on a variety of topics:

– Covert Communications: Real-time Steganography with RTP

Author: I)ruid

– Engineering in Reverse: PatchGuard Reloaded: A Brief Analysis of PatchGuard Version 3

Author: Skywing

– Exploitation Technology: Getting out of Jail: Escaping Internet Explorer Protected Mode

Author: Skywing

– Exploitation Technology: OS X Kernel-mode Exploitation in a Weekend

Author: David Maynor

– Rootkits: A Catalog of Local Windows Kernel-mode Backdoor Techniques

Authors: skape & Skywing

– Static Analysis: Generalizing Data Flow Information

Author: skape

This volume of the journal can be found at:

About Uninformed:

Uninformed is a non-commercial technical outlet for research in areas pertaining to security technologies, reverse engineering, and low level programming. The goal, as the name implies, is to act as a medium for providing informative information to the uninformed. The research presented in each edition is simply an example of the evolutionary thought that affects all academic and professional disciplines.

– The Uninformed Staff

staff [at]

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