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DigressCast Episode 4 by Tech65

Alright, this is just one weird episode, and it is actually a continuation of the previous episode. I was just blabbering on after being wake for more than 17 hours straight. DK was almost that dead tired too, talking about Starwars and McDonalds, and everything that came into our minds. So, Digression with a Disclaimer, Episode 4. DigressCast Episode 4: ... Read More »

New Final Fantasy XIII trailer

I’m drooling. I can’t wait for the English version to be released. I have this craving to get the white PS3 Slim FFXIII Special Edition. *drool* Read More »

Problem with HTC Hero

This is the problem I’m having with the HTC Hero. I went to SIS Technologies at Leng Kee Road and got it reflashed. That did not fix this problem at all. I’m pretty pissed off with this problem because this keeps popping up and makes a few apps not work at all. I hope to get the entire phone replaced ... Read More »

Asher Book in Fame

Ok, I do not do this very often unless it’s really good. I watched the movie, Fame (2009), last night and when I heard Asher Book sing, his voice can melt you like a hot knife through butter. Anyway, here they are. He has a great jazz voice. I do want to see him cut a jazz album. I’ll definitely ... Read More »

DigressCast Episode 3 by Tech65

Well, we did something crazy on Saturday/Sunday night. We recorded 3 episodes for you, to make up for the loss of episodes for the past few weeks while DK was serving his reservist. Anyway, we were briefly talking about putting episode notes up for you, but the stuff we talk about is so random, I really don’t know how to ... Read More »

Getting Buy In for Usability Testing

Here’s a great set of presentation deck really focused on getting people to buy in to the whole usability testing. This is one of the biggest problems I have convincing people to actually care about usability. I might be able to use some of this ideas to get buy in for general software testing within companies. It is tough to ... Read More »

Kl! video on Twestival Singapore

Here’s me being all flustered and acting all stupid. I had a great time at TwestivalSG and even got dunked for charity. It was fun. Here’s the video from Kl! that they made. Original Post: Local Twitter users come together for Twestival Singapore! Read More »

INQ Mini 3G SingTel Launch in Singapore

I just came back from the SingTel Launch of the INQ Mini 3G and got an eyeful of the capabilities of the INQ Mini 3G has to offer. Here’s some of the low-down of the phone. Hardware Overview: Size – Width 45.8mm x Height 12.8mm x Length 102.9mm Weight – 90g (with 1150mAh battery) Battery Life – Standby: 2G – ... Read More »

5 reasons to go to Singapore Twestival 2009

Singapore Twestival 2009 is coming up in a few days, and I’m compiling a list of reasons why you should go to Twestival. Reason 1: It’s for a good cause Here’s the main reason that you should come to Twestival and support us. We’re raising money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and we hope to raise $5,000 for this cause. ... Read More »

Channel 5.5: Video from MVP Summit 2008

It’s always interesting to see what I’ve done in the past, especially on video. Take a look. I talked about C# 4.0, and SharePoint development. Looking back, I wonder if I would have said the same thing now. Channel 5.5: Justin Lee at the MVP Summit 2008 from Rob Windsor on Vimeo. Read More »