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Usability Marathon

Usability Marathon is a series of webinars in usability and user experience (UX), opens on Monday, October 12, 2009 and goes through Wednesday, October 21, 2009. It is organized for the second time by UIDesign Group (Moscow, Russia), however, this year the event will be held solely online.

The Usability Marathon 2009 will consist of a series of free online webinars. The webinars are scheduled according to Moscow time; however the online format enables participants from all over the world to attend.

Each guest speaker is an exceedingly experienced international professional from countries including the United States, Germany, Australia, and China. They are leaders in user experience, usability research and interaction design, authors of popular books and publications, participants in the largest conferences, or chief consultants and directors of UX companies.

The Marathon audience is both experienced and novice usability and UX specialists, interaction designers, developers, project managers, UX team leaders and managers of companies developing digital products and services.

Registration for the webinars is now open at the event’s website:

I’ll be attending most of the online webinars, but for those interested, these are the few in particular I think will be great:

Selling UX
Daniel Szuc | Apogee, Hong Kong, China

Imagine we need to sell UX to an organization. Not all organizations have the same level of interest and receptiveness to UX. Some just don’t care.

What should we know about an organization that will help us sell UX more effectively? What sort of questions should we ask about the organization, its people and its culture? What can we learn from organizations where UX has become part of the corporate DNA? What factors can increase our chances of promoting UX successfully to an organization now and in the future?

This presentation will tap into more than 10 years of experience in selling UX into different markets and organizations. We will share the successes, pitfalls and failures.

UX Vision, Strategy and Teams
Susan Wolfe | Optimal Experience, Australia

Many organizations try to apply user experience (UX) expertise and best practice principles to their design and development processes. However, when done as discrete activities on particular projects, it is rarely yields a truly satisfying result in the end. To be successful, an overall UX vision must first be established for the organization, and a strategy for realizing that vision must be developed. It’s only then that the organization stands a chance to create a single, consistent face to its customers.

The challenges of doing so are many, including creating the vision and then enabling different groups such as product development, marketing and customer service to deliver on that common vision. During the webinar, Susan will draw upon her extensive experience as well as the result of surveys with successful user-centered design and UX teams worldwide to share practical approaches to creating and implementing such a strategy.

Measuring User Efficiency
Jeff Sauro | Oracle, USA

How long does it take to complete a task? Obtaining task time metrics is important for benchmarking and improving the efficiency of an interface. Conducting summative usability tests to gather these metrics is expensive and usually comes too late in the development cycle to make changes. Using a modification of Keystroke Level Modeling Jeff will show how to accurately estimate experienced users task times using only screen shots and prototypes.

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