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HTC is ‘Quietly Brilliant’

HTC Quietly Brilliant
HTC Quietly Brilliant

HTC has a new brand positioning called “Quietly Brilliant”. In fact, HTC seems to be getting the fact that a mobile device is now ubiquitous in everyday life. A few people asked me what I thought when I heard the new branding “Quietly Brilliant”, and going back to my British English roots, I declared out loud, “Brilliant!”. Not so quiet after all.

“Quietly Brilliant” really embodies the philosophy of an ubiquitous lifestyle where a mobile phone just does great and brilliant things while being all natural, behind-the-scenes and “quiet” about it. This very much follows what User Experience (UX) geeks have been trying to achieve all along. Will HTC be able to achieve this ubiquitous stage of Zen? In order to follow through with this new branding, and their “YOU” campaign, they must first look back at what they have achieved, improve their existing ubiquitous technology, and bring it to the next level.

Their existing TouchFlo 3D has brought Windows Mobile phones up one level, emerging as a unique phone above every device. Their new HTC Sense UI for Android phones has given new meaning to how one perceives an Android phone. My recent foray into the HTC Hero has satiated my need for a mobile device that suits my lifestyle, yet discovered that HTC Sense still requires a lot of work. My hope is that HTC follows suit to their new “Quietly Brilliant” branding and develop both the HTC Sense UI and HTC TouchFlo 3D beyond what it is today.

HTC, going forward and strengthening your branding, my humble word of advice: Hire more UX experts and invest your time on making your technology “Just Work”.

Below are the marketing campaign videos for this new “YOU” campaign that will hopefully be a series of campaigns surrounding this new “Quietly Brilliant” brand.

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  1. im getting more n more drawn to Android, specifically from the HTC camp.

    im just trying to get over the revulsion of using touch.

  2. Don’t you find it odd that HTC have come from a company that were pretty much unknown and now have some of the best handsets available? Infact when I was in the phone shop checking out the Windows 7 HTC I counted 10! Crazy! Just my 10 cents.. I agree “Quietly Brilliant”

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