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Connectify: Virtual WiFi Hotspot on Windows 7

This is something cool for all new Windows 7 owners. There was one feature in Windows 7 that did not make the cut, which was Virtual WiFi. This basically allows you to create virtual wireless adapters out of your single wireless LAN card. What does this mean to consumers? It’ll allow your wireless LAN card to BOTH connect to your WiFi internet connection AND share that internet connection as a WiFi hotspot all with just 1 single wireless LAN card. How awesome is that?

Sadly, this feature was left out from Windows 7. Fortunately, Connectify is an application that  takes your existing internet connection, be it your WiFi or 3G connection, and shares it easily as a wireless hotspot on your laptop.

Cool huh? Here’s the catch. It will only work on a Windows 7 laptop and make it a wireless hotspot. It doesn’t work on Windows XP or Vista. But any client, like a PSP or mobile phone or other computers, can connect to your hotspot!

Try it out! It’s in beta right now.

Connectify: Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi hotspot to share the Internet with friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.

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  1. Does it has a limit on number of people connected to the network?

  2. I wonder if there is any possibility that it will be included in Windows7 SP 1? :PPP

  3. Unfortunately I am unable to connect my PSP. It would be better if it has other options for other encryption type for older devices.

  4. @Micollo: It is restriction from Virtual Router implementation of Microsoft to only allow WPA2 encryption. I don’t think PSP supports WPA2 right now.

  5. Connectify does not support Access Point mode for PSP!
    because, the PSP uses the WEP encryption to get connected with Access Point.
    Sadly at this moment Connectify can offer only WPA2 encryption in Access Point mode – which is not compatible with PSP firmwares right now.

    You can still use Ad-Hoc mode with WEP encryption (for some games), but there is a lot software that needs beeing connected with Access Point mode.

  6. Man this is a great idea.. i would have liked it to be a part of the Windows 7 package but downloading it was pretty easy and simple. I just have to say to all the non Windows 7 users … i think it is time for you to switch

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