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Nokia E72 Social Messaging Workshop

I was invited to the Nokia E72 Social Messaging Workshop on Wednesday, 26th November at Espressoul to play with Nokia’s newly launched E72 cell phone and their new Social Messaging technology, which comes free with the E72.

The previous Nokia E71’s offering for “Social Messaging” allows you to connect to your Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Google Talk, Yahoo Messaging and Facebook. This time with the Nokia E72, it adds Microsoft Live Messenger, Twitter, and MySpace too. Right now, it covers 90% of all messaging networks out there because of their recent partnership with Microsoft. Furthermore, you are able to connect to all these social networks all at the same time.

Here are some things I found out about the Nokia E72 cell phone in that short 1 hour I had to play with the phone. There will be a more comprehensive review when I get to play with the phone for a longer period of time.

  • You can only have up to 10 email accounts and 1 Microsoft Exchange connection.
  • You can only log in to 1 account per social network at any one time. i.e. it will not allow you to log in to 2 different Live Messenger accounts at the same time. Only one. However, you can log in and be connected to 1 Live Messenger, 1 Google Talk, 1 Yahoo Messenger, 1 Nokia Messenger all at the same time.
  • Every social network and email account is separate to itself, and is not combined or shared between each other.
  • There is no contact sharing between the different social and messaging networks. i.e. you don’t have 1 contact that shows all of that person’s social and messaging networks.
  • The keypad has a pretty shallow “pillow” bump which makes typing slightly difficult for the uninitiated. I would prefer a more obtuse bump per key.
  • The new optical navigation key makes it really pleasant to navigate. This is possibly my most favourite feature of the entire phone. However, the ridges surrounding the optical navigation key does cause a bit of friction which might be uncomfortable after constant use.
  • If you do a master reset, you do not get all the shortcuts and messaging applications that comes with the phone when you first turn it on. You’ll have to download the applications again and set it up manually.

I really like Nokia E72 and I think it’s a fantastic upgrade from the E71. For those who want a Blackberry but like Nokia, this is the phone you should get. For those who are really into the messaging and social networks, this *might* be suited for you. With Nokia’s age-old Symbian OS which has been around for decades, it is a pretty solid phone that integrates both the matured cell phone platform that you can trust together with the new social messaging.

[Pictures courtesy of mhisham with permission]

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