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HackerspaceSG: Events of Week 51 (Dec 14 – Dec 20)

We had a great time over the weekend at Neoteny Singapore Camp 1 and everyone was very excited about HackerspaceSG. Apparently everyone who attended NSC1 are all hackers themselves and don’t want to leave our HackerspaceSG. So here are the events of this week.

Make cool things with Mitch Altman
Mon, Dec 14 6:00 pm to Late

Wow! Did I mention people don’t want to leave HackerspaceSG? Well, you shouldn’t! Because one of the founders of Noisebridge, Mitch Altman, is in the house! Yes, you heard me. He’ll be teaching us how to make awesomely cool things with micro-controllers! YES! If you’re one of those interested, you’ll be learning from the man himself. Come! Join us for this experience of a lifetime. There will be kits available for purchase on the spot. They are all priced in SGD.

LED Cubes, TV-B-Gone,Brain Machines, Drawdio, Mini POVs  ( $30 each )
Trippy RGB lights ( $15 )
Boarduino – $30
AVR Programming Boards – $30

Check out or if you’re unsure what the above are. But I’m sure you already know where to look for information.

Pivotal Labs Seminar on Next-Generation Software Engineering with Ruby and other languages
Mon, Dec 14 7:30 pm Mon, Dec 14 11:00 pm

If you’re not interested with micro-controllers and robots, you might be interested in some software engineering. We have Pivotal Labs, software ninja SWAT team of the Internet, joining us to share their valuable knowledge with us. They are the guys who saved Twitter. Yes, that’s right, the famous Twitter that everyone uses. They are in town for NSC1 and would like to meet the local community of developers to talk about software engineering best practices, agile development methodologies, and scaling Ruby. If you think of yourself as the Tiger Woods (sans drama) of software development, or would like to one day be one of the best, join us. If you think of yourself as a CMM Level 0 up-all-night rebel superhero, this session may inspire you to realize your potential through discipline … kind of like a self-taught street punk going to train under kung fu masters at Shao Lin. Just join us! No registration required.

Hackerspace Hack Time
Tue, Dec 15 6:00 pm Wed, Dec 15 12:00 am

We’ve moved our Hack Time from Monday to Tuesday this week simply because we have too many awesome people in our home who are excited to share and discuss with us. So after learning all that cool robotic micro-controller mayhem, together with your ninja software engineering skills, why don’t cool off by working on your own projects? We have reserved this day just for you.

Hackerspace.SG Christmas Party
Fri, Dec 18 7:00 pm Fri, Dec 18 11:30 pm

Jingle bells, jingle bells. Yes, we’ve survived our first month of HackerspaceSG without a celebration of our very own Christmas Party. If you have always been thinking of popping by HackerspaceSG to see the space itself, this party will be a great time to do so. You don’t really have to RSVP, but sometimes it is always good to know who might be coming. Post your suggestions on how we can do this. I hope to do a PotLuck Style with people bringing food, together with some basic catered food. Plus our usual drinks, beer, wine and alcohol in the house. As usual, we hope you can contribute to our pot of donations. I’ll see all of you there at the party!

Hacking Sexual Morality Through The Ages
Sat, Dec 19 19:30 Sat, Dec 19 22:30

If our own Christmas party hasn’t gotten you worn out yet, you can join us again next evening for a meeting on sexual morality.

So we all know that Religions tell their faithful: No fornication, no adultery, no anal sex, no oral sex, no homosexuality, no pants, no short skirts, etc. Secular humanists however have no prescribed text to follow, no holy men to guide us in the finer points of dating and sex. Does this imply a no holds barred approach? How should Humanists navigate the minefields of love and lust? How should Humanists manage relationships with people of faith?

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