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Multi-touch needs new ways of thinking

For those who hear me talk about multi-touch and how we need to rethink new ways away from traditionally what we know as a screen and interacting using a single point, 10/GUI is a concept I felt focuses on what works and fully leverages on it, what doesn’t and provides a solution for it. Generally, on the hardware side of things, a touchpad is the way to go for multi-touch surfaces instead of a multi-touch screen. But what I’ve always been complaining about is that our current way of dealing with User Interfaces has been so centric around a single point touch that we’re trying to refit new multi-touch capabilities and concepts into an old single point touch interface, which I think is ridiculous. 10/GUI conceptualizes and makes multi-touch native to manipulating the User Interface. Yet, I felt we can do more in terms of User Interface concepts and just let our whole single point centric preconceptions be forgotten. For once, let us rethink everything from icons to menus to buttons and try to break away from the whole single point dictatorship and free ourselves into a multi-touch paradigm of interacting with our computer. What do you think of 10/GUI?

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

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  1. This is cool and it totally makes sense. Wacom has gained some ground by introducing a combination pad that takes to a stylus and finger touch. I’d love to see them just do a really large touch tablet that includes a virtual keyboard. The idea of having to lift your hand to a different device/instrument is still reminiscent of the use of the keyboard and mouse. You got the left and right edges, why not a lower edge that activates the virtual keyboard.
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