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How not to write a proposal – Part 1

I’ve been writing a lot of anti-patterns and “not to do” code. I’ve kind of exhausted out my “Code You Should Not Be Writing” series because I’ve completed this project and moved on to another project. So this will be another new series of some interesting quirks I’ve encountered reading proposals, reports, requirements specification documents, etc. I don’t know how ... Read More »

Ninite – The Easy Way to Get Apps on Windows

Recently, I was just scavenging the web looking for ways to make my life easier because my constant reinstallation of an Operating System, namely Windows 7, takes me at least 2 hrs to do a complete install with my favourite applications (does not include my development environment). One way was to create an unattended answer file to automatically handle my installation, which ... Read More »

HackerspaceSG: Events of Week 4 (Jan 25 – Jan 31)

We’re at the end of the month and HackerspaceSG is 2 months old this week. We’ve come pretty far these 2 months with lots of good times and many teething problems. Nevertheless, we’re slowly growing and figuring out as we go along. Hackerspace Hack Time Mon, Jan 25 6:00 pm Tue, Jan 26 12:00 am Our regular scheduled reserved time ... Read More »

Most Ridiculous Windows 7 Bug

I have some time to sneak in while waiting for my flight at the airport in Singapore, so I decided to post the most ridiculous bug I’ve ever come across. The Welcome screen may be displayed for 30 seconds during the logon process after you set a solid color as the desktop background in Windows 7 or in Windows Server ... Read More »

Off to Hyderabad, India

I won’t be blogging for the next few days. Just in case anyone is wondering what happened to my daily blog posts, I’ve gone to Hyderabad, India on a business trip for a conference till Sunday. Hopefully I can sneak in a blog post or two during my trip there, but I’m doubtful. Anyway, see you guys soon! Read More »

HackerspaceSG: Events of Week 3 (Jan 18 – Jan 24)

The new year is over and the first 2 weeks at HackerspaceSG has been pretty slow. But never fear, we’ve got more events coming up in the next few weeks as we slowly ramp up our awareness and get more groups meeting at HackerspaceSG. Singapore Linux Meetup Group Mon, Jan 18 6:30 pm Mon, Jan 18 9:30 pm First up ... Read More »

Nexus One Unboxing After-Live UStream

Yesterday, Daniel Tsuo and I did a live ustreaming video on the Nexus One Unboxing. There were as many as 15 people joining us live asking us questions about the Nexus One. We had a great time and special thanks to Honcheng for letting us have a first look at Nexus One. For those who missed it, don’t worry, there ... Read More »

Review: Sony Vaio X

I got the Sony Vaio X a few weeks ago to review, and I think it’s one of the best notebook/netbook I’ve ever laid my hands on to except for a few problems that some people might not find it a problem. Specifications This baby has an Intel Atom 1.8 GHz processor which is a nice bump from the usual ... Read More »

How can Android Succeed?

The Nexus One is an Android phone that has max-ed out whatever hardware capabilities available out there to become the “super” phone. The problem now lies with the software side, where various manufacturers like HTC and Motorola can start competing to differentiate themselves. Since the hardware is already awesome, what else is there but the flaws of the software that ... Read More »

Nexus One 3G Setup for Singapore

For those who bought the Nexus One and have some 3G problems, here are the steps to set up your connections. For SingTel customers, the Nexus One should auto-connect to their 3G network.  For Starhub and M1 customers, they will need to enter in their APN settings to connect to their 3G network.  This can be done by any user in less than ... Read More »