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How can Android Succeed?

The Nexus One is an Android phone that has max-ed out whatever hardware capabilities available out there to become the “super” phone. The problem now lies with the software side, where various manufacturers like HTC and Motorola can start competing to differentiate themselves. Since the hardware is already awesome, what else is there but the flaws of the software that is keeping a lot of people from moving to Android, or in particular the Nexus One. Here are some points why the Nexus One is a phone you might consider.

  1. Best hardware specifications you can currently get in the market.
  2. Multi-tasking.
  3. Great graphics capabilities and acceleration.
  4. Open platform for customizing and hacking.

I had an interesting discussion with DK over the weekend whether if he will switch over to the Android platform now that Nexus One is out. Being a current user of the iPhone 3G and many other phones, his answer was more along the lines of “But…”. I thought some of his points were valid and it is something that Google needs to address quickly.

  1. More efforts to grow the Android Market.
  2. Efforts to make paid apps available to more places (specifically Singapore).
  3. Integrate RFID or some other niche technology (temperature?) into the phone.
  4. A “killer” app available on Android phones.

I think the above points to just one single problem – Software. Android is one of the most promising mobile OS out there and it needs more developers on it. The hardware pretty much blows the competition away. Oh, and one more thing. If Android can also get the normal phone functionalities (e.g. actually able to call, put on hold, conference call, etc.) working properly like our good old Symbian phones, I say there’s really no point to continue sasying that Android is a platform with “potential”, but living up to its name as a platform that is running “the superphone”.

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  1. Good points. I also think that Google is not doing enough to grow the Android market.

  2. Android Market growth seems to be good now atleast ^^

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