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HackerspaceSG: Events of Week 3 (Jan 18 – Jan 24)

The new year is over and the first 2 weeks at HackerspaceSG has been pretty slow. But never fear, we’ve got more events coming up in the next few weeks as we slowly ramp up our awareness and get more groups meeting at HackerspaceSG.

Singapore Linux Meetup Group
Mon, Jan 18 6:30 pm Mon, Jan 18 9:30 pm

First up of the week is the Singapore Linux Meetup Group. They having their regular meetings at HackerspaceSG from now on every 3rd wednesday of the month. For this month, they have a presentation on Blender, a free open source 3D content creation suite, by Mr Victor Yap from the Blender User Group. The Blender User Group of Singapore would give a general overview of 3D technology with relation to how Blender is use to create 3D images. Works of local artists will be showcased and discussion about open movies that the Blender foundation has been engaging in the past and
present. RSVP here if you wish, but not required.

Hackerspace Hack Time
Tue, Jan 19 6:00 pm Wed, Jan 19 12:00 am

Our regular scheduled reserved time for our members to get anything done is yet again moved to Tuesday to make way for the Singapore Linux Meetup Group. We currently have the following projects being worked on – Security Access System, Sucktionator, Water Rocket, Stop Motion Animation, and many other miscellaneous projects currently worked on by our members. So come join in and hack on any of your projects!

Singapore Singers & Songwriters Meetup
Fri, Jan 22 7:00 pm Fri, Jan 22 10:00 pm

We have the Singapore Singers & Songwriters Meetup group here at HackerspaceSG! How cool is that? It is a gathering of musicians to share their music and network with like-minded passionate people. Those who are singers and songwriters out there, come and join us! You can RSVP here or just turn up.

Singapore Humanism Meetup (RSVP required)
Sat, Jan 23 2:00 pm Sat, Jan 23 5:00 pm

All HackerspaceSG Members needs to RSVP to sg.humanism.meetup@gmail.com. Mainstream values, mainstream culture, mainstream population. In the past few years, the word “mainstream” has been bandied about in our mass media, on a wide range of issues such as “family values”, “global warming” and “death penalty”. But what are they referring to, exactly? Do they refer to the values or opinions held by the majority of our population? Or those few who are most vocal and persuasive? How do we know if these values are right or rational? Whose mainstream is it, anyway? Although consensus may be hard to reach, come to this month’s SHM and have a fun-filled afternoon discussing in small groups a range of issues from varying perspectives.

Meetup etiquette : Participants come from different backgrounds and with different age and experience. Still, every individual deserves dignity and respect and therefore I urge participants to observe strictly our meeting etiquette.

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