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HackerspaceSG: Events of Week 4 (Jan 25 – Jan 31)

We’re at the end of the month and HackerspaceSG is 2 months old this week. We’ve come pretty far these 2 months with lots of good times and many teething problems. Nevertheless, we’re slowly growing and figuring out as we go along.

Hackerspace Hack Time
Mon, Jan 25 6:00 pm Tue, Jan 26 12:00 am

Our regular scheduled reserved time for our members to get anything done is back to Mondays. We currently have the following projects being worked on – Security Access System, Sucktionator, Water Rocket, Stop Motion Animation, and many other miscellaneous projects currently worked on by our members. So come join in and hack on any of your projects!

Take a look at what we experimented 2 weeks ago. We’ll continue experimenting until we get it right.

Show and Tell: 3 Young Indie Film-makers
Fri, Jan 29 6:30 pm Fri, Jan 29 9:30 pm

Today, we welcome 3 young Indie film-makers to showcase what they have been working on for the past 1 year. Lincoln, Teck Siang and Michael will be screening 3 films from their portfolios, all festival awarding winning pieces, followed by Q&A session. It’s open to all hackerspace regulars, vagabonds and passerbys. Just anyone interested to know a little bit more about the local independent film scene… from the perspective of these 3 younglings. Be creative, be critical, and support our independents!

The Weekend
Sat, Jan 30 6:30 pm Sat, Jan 30 9:30 pm

This idea started on NYE 2009 when the guys and gals were sitting in HackerspaceSG, high on beer and bouncing ideas off the wall. The problem we are facing now is that bloggers doesn’t know what the PR folks wants and the PR folks doesn’t know what the bloggers want. So to solve this problem, we decided to have this networking session where people from social media meet together and discuss on how they can work together better. Since we can’t think of a better name, we decided to call it “The Weekend”.

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