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Ninite – The Easy Way to Get Apps on Windows


Recently, I was just scavenging the web looking for ways to make my life easier because my constant reinstallation of an Operating System, namely Windows 7, takes me at least 2 hrs to do a complete install with my favourite applications (does not include my development environment). One way was to create an unattended answer file to automatically handle my installation, which I’ve yet to figure out installing custom applications during the setup.

Anyway, I found this cool tool called Ninite which will create an installer that will download your favourite apps. All you do is select the apps you want from a list and it will create a custom installer which you can download and start the installer. The installer will download the selected app installers from the internet and install each one with the default settings, saying no to all adware, toolbars, and crap, getting you what you just want, the application.

If you don’t see an application on the list, submit a request and get your friends to do so too!

Try it out. Ninite.

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