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Fight Obesity – Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish

I’m truly moved and convinced by Jamie Oliver that we need to do something to fight obesity. For me, that will be utilizing Social Media to educate the masses in a social way, a crowd sourcing way, a way that I know will make a difference in my own way.

Even though obesity is not as rampant in Singapore as the US or the UK, but we still need to be aware of what could happen. The Singapore Health Promotion Board is doing a great job right now curbing the increase number of obese children, but with the effluence of current society in Singapore, are we slowly moving towards becoming an obese society, especially when eating is a common past-time, more importantly eating out? I think we need to continue to be cautious and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Here is an article from 2008 on Obesity Prevention and Control Efforts in Singapore which I think touches on various issues and initiatives by the Singapore Health Promotion Board to control obesity.

How can you do your part in this fight? Teach your children, educate your parents. Always have a balanced meal – grains, meat, vegetables and dairy.

Are you making a difference to fight obesity today?

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  1. I loved this TED Talk as well. I’m especially inspired when he was families to cook healthy tasty meals at home! Think that is one big way to fight obesity.
    .-= sweska´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day =-.

  2. here in Philippines, obesity is also becoming a problem. More and more children are getting obese due to a lifestyle that is not fully of physical activities. most kids just wants to watch TV, play computer games and surf the net.

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