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LG W2486L Review


2 months ago, Mariko from LG approached me to do a review of their latest LCD monitor, the LG W2486L. I thought, “Hey, why not?” not quite knowing what I was getting myself into. Among all my other friends that got a unit to review, it seems like not everyone had an idea how to review this. It is a little tough to review a monitor, but hey, I’m going to try and I hope you find this useful.

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My Take


Model Number W2486L W2286L
Size 24″ 22″
Brightness 250nits
Resolution 1920×1080 Full HD
Response Time 2ms
Special Features Energy Saving, Intelligent Auto Back Light, Forte Manager
Price SGD$498 SGD$388
Availability Now



The LG W2486L is surprisingly thin and light, weighing in only at 3kg (4kg with weighted stand) and 2 cm thick. The blacks are really black due to the high contrast ratio at 2,000,000:1. Essentially what LG has done with the LG W2486L is to scale down their already great TVs into a 24″. When I first got this monitor, it was marketed to me as being a slim and light monitor. To me, I don’t think that’s a huge plus point except for the fact that it will be easier to carry it home and set it up. But once you’re done with it, you don’t really bother about the weight or the slimness. Oh well, that’s just me.


There are 2 HDMI ports available for any HDMI capable devices to use this as your monitor/TV. This means you can plug in your Sony PS3, DVD player, or even your laptop/computer that supports HDMI and use this monitor for your other devices too. You can switch which input to display on your monitor from the menu, which is pretty similar to how you would switch the input for your TV. See what I mean when I say it’s a miniature TV?


Beside the 2 HDMI ports are the DVI and standard VGA ports. If you notice that blue hole there, that is for your speakers. There isn’t any internal speakers in this monitor, and for those who wants to plug in your HDMI device that outputs audio too, this is where you have to plug in your speakers in order to have sound.


Notice the Cinema Mode? Yes. I love the Cinema Mode, especially when watching any videos. You have to see it to believe the difference it makes. Need I repeat again? This is not a monitor but a miniature TV. It has a time control that allows you to turn off the monitor after certain hours. This is good for falling asleep in front of your monitor/TV. It also has a SMART eco-friendly setting that somehow reduces your power usage.


There is a zooming tool (EZ Zooming) inbuilt into the monitor, but I don’t quite see the point in doing that when there are tools out there for your computers to do the same. However, if it is for your HDMI device, then I do see some point in having that feature. Similarly with the photo effects. Maybe one of the things you can do with this monitor/TV is to display your pictures directly from some HDMI device and add special photo effects. I don’t know, it puzzles me.

My Take


So here’s my take on this monitor. As a developer, I require the amount of space, and I stare at the screen very regularly. I’ve used many monitors in my lifetime and I can safely say that this monitor does not strain my eyes after staring at it for long hours. The reason is simply the intelligent auto back light adjustment with the light sensor located just below the power touch key (shown above). This light sensor detects your ambient surroundings and adjusts the brightness of your monitor based on the amount of light available in the room. However, remember not to cover that sensor with papers or other accessories as it really screws up the adjustment. I did that, and that’s how I found out where the light sensor was. You can turn on and off this feature from the menu.


I didn’t really like the fact that I wasn’t able to tilt and adjust the angle of the monitor due to the fact that it is locked down to a specific angle, much like their TVs. You have to adjust the height with some books to lift the screen up to a proper height lest you’ll strain your neck. Also, the inability to rotate the monitor makes it difficult for me as a developer to fully utilize the monitor’s real estate to its full potential, that is to display as many lines of code in 1 screen as possible. However, with that said, these points are not really a big deal and it is a “good to have”. This will not stop me from purchasing this monitor for its brilliant display.



If you’re looking for a monitor that is essentially a miniature TV with a stunning display for your computer, this is the monitor for you. LG has taken what they’ve done so well with their TVs (I own an LG TV and I really love it) and shrunk it down to a consumable 24″ size for daily PC usage. Not only that, it provides HDMI ports for you to plug in any HDMI capable device and directly display it on this monitor. It doubles up nicely as a TV. I would recommend this monitor for home consumers who wants both a TV and a monitor. But if you want a TV, this is not for you. I would recommend you to fork out another SGD$300 and purchase one of the LG TVs instead.

However, if you’re like myself who require the full real estate of the screen and works on it for a long period of time, I do not recommend this monitor simply because of the inability to adjust the angle of the screen and rotate the screen. This monitor is not geared towards normal work related usage, but more gaming, multimedia, and graphics.

If I had 1 quotable line to say about this monitor, it will be this: “The LG W2486L is a 24″ TV with a DVI, VGA output and no speakers.”

+ TV capabilities
– Adjusting the angle and tilt of the monitor

Well, I hope you find this review useful. Do post any comments or ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer all of them. Till the next time, cheers!


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  1. Hi I’m here right now in SG and I’ve been looking everywhere for this monitor to no avail. I checked funan and sim lim but could’nt find any stores that have them. They are all out of stock. Do you know a shop that still sells this lg w2486l-pf? I’d appreciate a fast response as I am leaving SG on the 11th.

  2. I cant find this in my local electical shop, might have to resort to Amazon :-/ Was looking forward to the images… Dude your photos are not loading 🙁

  3. You can actually tilt this monitor (-5° to +20°). Just hold the base and push/pull the top of the frame.

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