Wednesday , 26 April 2017
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Do Not Be Alarmed – Be Back Soon

Hey, just thought I’ll update everyone. My MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2009 is in the Apple Care Service Center and I’m trying to get the screen replaced because of a defect as mentioned: “White Ring of light in the middle of blank white screen“. The Apple Care Service Center is saying it isn’t a defect but a damage from “abnormal” usage, which is simply ridiculous. How can there be a perfectly circular ring in the middle of the screen ONLY when it is white? It is not the same symptoms as a bright spot, or burnt pixels.

I won’t be able to write much this week because of this, and I hope to get back my MacBook Pro by the end of the week with the screen replaced. Wish me luck. Sigh.

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  1. Just quit being a poser and get back a PC laptop 😉

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