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Adobe CS5 Master Collection Part 1 – Installation

I just recently got a chance to review Adobe CS5 Master Collection, so I will be posting a series of blogpost for each product. But first up, the installation experience.

Adobe CS5 Master Collection Disc

Clicking on the button opens up a folder, instead of the installer itself. Personally, I’d prefer a button to the installer itself, instead of opening up the folder.

Adobe CS5 Master Collection Disc Folder

Click on the “install” file to load up the installer.

Adobe Installer Initializing

It takes a couple of minutes for it to initialize. Yes, a couple of minutes. It could have been optimized a little, but that’s not a big deal.

Adobe Software License Agreement

The usual license agreement. Click to accept the license agreement.

Enter Serial Number

I have my own serial number, but I’m not letting you guys know. 🙂 Just type that in, or install it as a trial version.

Adobe CS Live

Not too sure what Adobe CS Live is or how it integrates to Adobe CS5, but I just added my account and went on. I’ll check it out later what kind of services are available.

Install Options

Install Options 2

By default it selects everything. I’ll just install everything and review each product along the series. Above shows all the applications available for install.

Note: I just got word that you can install Adobe CS4 and Adobe CS5 side by side without any conflicts. Even after you’ve uninstalled Adobe CS5.

List of Components per Product

If you select a product, you get a list of components that are optional for installation. Once you’re done with everything, click on Install.

Installing in Progress 1

Installing in Progress 2

Installing in Progress 3

Installing in Progress 4

Now, you wait. Take a nap, do some other work. Yes, you didn’t see the time to take at all. It isn’t over 300 minutes to install, but it does take more than 1 to 2 hours to install.

Adobe CS5 Master Collection Installed

You’re done installing! I’ll write on each product in my later posts.

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  1. You need a faster MBP! My full install on an internal RAID0 SSD array took about 18 minutes.

  2. Is this the final release or the pre-release trial?

  3. hi, can i know why after i install everything.
    and i open up the photoshop.however, it prompt me to provide my serial key again.
    but even after i enter the serialkey, its shows me error.
    why is this so?

  4. @luveAdobe: It’s the final release.

    @PB: What kind of error? Is it because your serial key is wrong or bad?

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