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Nokia Ovi Store offers exclusive Barkingseed Games

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a gaming event by Nokia and Barkingseed. Boy, did I have fun with the games.

That Roach Game

One of the more popular games that caught everyone’s attention and addiction was “That Roach Game”. It’s essentially a very simple game of “whack-a-mole” game, except you’re just killing roaches. As Margaret Chan would say, “I’ll crush you like a cockroach.” Check out the videos below for the game play.

If you like it, get them at the Ovi Store for free.

That Roach Game Keypad That Roach Game SA Touch

Ninjani – Emperor’s Revenge

Ninjani is another game similar to the “whack-a-mole” style, except you’re shooting shurikens at ninjas. It’s slightly tricky to play this game because the ninjas keep jumping around and disappearing. It also incorporates a storyline into the game.

If you like it, get them at the Ovi Store for free.


This is a new game not yet released. It is a puzzle game that involves moving rows and columns to get 3 or more similar colour and monsters connected in some way (does not have to be a straight line). That’s it. Simple and fun puzzle game, great for any ages. Check out some of the pictures.

Monsterilla - Splash Screen Monsterilla - Start Screen Monsterilla - Game


As I mentioned previously, these games are exclusive to Nokia Ovi Store until August 2010. Furthermore, there are a series of monthly competitions will be held for four months beginning 7th of May across the South East Asia Pacific region, including Singapore.

So what are you waiting for? If you own an Nokia phone (touch screen or keypad) and have Ovi Store on it, download these free games and play them. Do your country proud by winning this competition!

Prizes up for grabs include the Nokia X6 and exclusive merchandise. ( is the official portal for the Nokia-Breakdesign competition.)


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