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First Look at Samsung Galaxy Beam

I was at CommunicAsia 2010 today. I saw the Samsung Galaxy Beam and got the chance to take some close up photos of the phone itself.

For those who don’t know, Samsung Galaxy Beam is one of the first (if not the first) with a Pico Projector on a phone. The specs are as follows:

  • Smart Projector on the Phone
    • Home Theater / Office Projector / Visual Presenter / Torchlight
    • Projection Screen Size 5″ ~ 50″
    • Pico Projector (9 Lumen Brightness)
  • Powerful Multimedia Performance
    • 3.7″ Ultra Brilliant Super AMOLED Display
    • 8MP Camera with Flash
    • HD (720p) Video Playing / E-book
  • Intuitive TouchWiz 3.0 + Android OS
    • Social Hub (Integrated Calendar & Phonebook / Hybrid Widget)
    • Enhanced Menu & Projector Specialized UI
    • Android OS 2.1

Here are 2 unique points about the Smart Projector:

  • It projects the screen. It is not application specific. That includes your main Android Widget screen, your Menu screen, your Apps, ANYTHING.
  • You are able to project the view of the camera. i.e. whatever you see on your 8MP camera is shown on the projector.

However, the brightness of the projection isn’t that great, but it is expected with only 9 Lumen.

On the top left hand corner of the phone is a jog to adjust the projection focus.

Other than that, it is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S. I hope to get the complete specifications, release date in Singapore, cost and which telco will carry this soon.


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  1. Hey Rog, I think the big button is the Android Home button. I do not recall it being a directional pad at all.

    I’ll have more details on Friday when the press release comes out.

  2. Hi Justin,

    Can this projector be hooked up to a laptop and project out all the excels/words/powerpt for work use?

    Thanks man.

  3. Hey HS Teng,

    I’m not too sure if it’s possible to do that. However, it is possible to load up excel/word/powerpoint into the phone and load it up there. Not too sure about projecting the laptop screen.

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