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Android Froyo 2.2 on HTC HD2

Yes, you heard it right. Everything seems to be working fine too.


You can download Android Froyo 2.2 for HTC HD2  – shubCRAFT CM6/Froyo/Themed RC1.1 shown in the video.

Release Notes:
– Deleted all the bloatware.
– Includes mtu fix by ElBartoME.
– Includes Keypad fix.
– Adobe Flash workes now.
– Creates 512 MB data.img and 256 MB system.img
– Changed folder name back to Android so that autoboot programms will work.
– For better performance change wallpaper to a static one.

Whats working:
– Wifi
– 3G
– Camera with flash
– Bluetooth (issues)
– Everything thats working on other builds


Copy Anrdroid Folder to the root of your SD card. Run clrcad & haret.
Please keep in mind, that this is a RC. Please report all bugs.

Known Issues:
If you get “unable to mount sdcard” plz replace “set cmdline “rel_path=Android”” with “set cmdline “rel_path=Android loop_partition=mmcblk0″” in startup.txt
For those of you getting many SODs try this zImage instead the one in the build:…_NOSPEEDDY.rar

Known Bugs:
– Some Settings as Volume / Brighness could cause crashes. – Solved
– At this point connecting to pc while in Android is only possible via adb. – Pending

– In order to get the same results as in the screenshot, you’ve to change notification color in “Settings – CyanogeMod Settings – User Interface” (Extras have been used.)
– To activate the keyboard, you’ve to activate it through Settings-Keyboards. After that long press on a text input field – Input method – HTC_IME
– It is known, that the first boot can take a while compared to other builds. Thats because it creates system.img and data.img on first boot. This is also the reason why the build is only 80 MB to download.

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