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Are You Geek Enough? #Geekcamp Singapore

Singapore has plenty of non-technical technology conferences, and we intend to correct that and have a technology-only conference.

GeekCamp is an international network of technology-only conferences, where the participants generate the content. Based on the open-enquiry philosophy of BarCamp, GeekCamps seek to address the perceived culture clash of BarCamp, by limiting discussion to purely technical matters. GeekCamp topics have included introductions to Haskell (programming language), PostGIS, and Web Service APIs.

If you are a geek, developer or programmer who works with technology most of the time ranging from Java, Python, C++, MySQL, Objective C, Android, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Linux and anything else in the Open Source Movement and otherwise, the GeekCamp is the perfect event for you.

If you want to share your experiences in programming and web development, please go to the GeekCamp Wiki and volunteer yourself for speaking

For more information, Please visit our wikipage at to see topics and speakers.

Date: September 4th 2010
Time: 10am to 5pm
Venue: SMU, SIS Seminar Rooms 2.1-2.4
How to get there: Exit Bras Basah mrt station on the Circle Line
What to bring: Laptops, 3G dongles, power extensions

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