Wednesday , 26 April 2017
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Android Cloud to Device Messaging Presentation

I gave a presentation a few weeks ago at SingTel Accelerate for CodeAndroid.

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  1. Opinion from a noob user: I was previously using both ways albeit separate means, ie. no sync between the services: Google Chrome to phone extension on my Chrome browser and android2cloud bookmarklet on my Android phone.

    After experimenting with some services, I have now settled for common services that allow for two-way sync in order to bring more order for my own information management. For that, Instapaper/Read It Later (for links/articles) and Dropbox (for files) work for me. As for RSS feeds, Google Reader seriously needs a proper mobile app.

    Just my two cents.

    • Well, I do see your point. But this is slightly different. Cloud to Device Messaging is another layer for developers to “not worry” about connecting to the device, rather getting C2DM service to handle that. In order to achieve these 2 way sync services, it requires constant polling of data which drains battery and also requires exposing your device unique ID, which currently is a “privacy issue” being discussed. But with C2DM, Google is the middle man mediating the messaging.

  2. Hi. Can I have this presentation emailed to my address since i need certain content to be extracted for my project. And hats off the presentation is awesome and jawdropping.

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