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SMU TWC Innovation Symposium Projects

Last week, I attended the SMU TWC (Technology and World Change) Innovation Symposium, which is a student showcase of innovative products and services these students have developed intensively over the past 7 weeks. At the symposium, students pitched their ideas to a large crowd of 300 ranging from working professionals from different industries, professors and their peers. This was followed by a interactive showcase with 21 mini booths, featuring actual prototypes of students, where they were given the opportunity to share their project in detail.

Of all 21 entries, the notables are the W.O.W. Modular Table which is a table that cleans up your clutter by integrating gadget docks, lamps, charging stations, etc. as part of your table to reduce the clutter of wires. The potential for this design is huge, and highly extensible with various devices built modularly for it like a router or other devices. They presented a good pitch, but the possibilities of the idea itself is enough to convince any investor.

Another project I’m impressed with is Segments, a mobile  toiletry storage which you can carry around for travels or to your gym. It integrates a dispenser as part of the storage too. If they change the material from acrylic to something less bulky and can easily fit into a handbag, they have a good thing going. They did a very good pitch and proposed a very sound business opportunity to the investors.

The following 21 projects were showcased:

  • Segments (Mobile Toiletry Storage)
  • Tompang Taxi (Taxi Sharing Service)
  • Recoilable Earphone Cover
  • Sleeping Pillow (Speakers in a Pillow)
  • StoveAlert (Alert unattended stoves)
  • S3 (A fishing line clothes hanger)
  • Perfect Swap (Barter trade website)
  • Kasaella (Extendable Umbrella)
  • KimZhuaTiam (Incense/Prayer items website)
  • u-swivel (Laptop bag)
  • Bliss (3-in-1 milk bottle)
  • Le Luscious (Replaceable-parts Bra)
  • IT (Shoe bag)
  • Wipeout (Window Cleaner)
  • EzDry (Portable Clothes Dryer)
  • Prima Dona (Stiletto+Flat shoes)
  • Customine (Phone accessories with velcro)
  • Feels (Removable Heels + Bendable Shoes)
  • ForeSight (Contact Lenses case)
  • W.O.W Modular Table (Replaceable Blocks Table)

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