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HTC Desire HD First Look

I had a chance to play with the HTC Desire HD last week for a short while, and I must say I’m very impressed with this baby. There are a whole load of new features and services that HTC has bundled with the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z, but since I had only an hour or less to play with this baby, I’ve taken a few videos and photos to cover the few basic features, and will do a complete review when I get my hands on it.

HTC Desire HD Location App

HTC Desire HD and Z comes bundled with this new Location app, a GPS driving navigation system, which caches the country’s maps onto your phone. You’ll require an SD card to use the Location app. If you don’t quite know your way around and don’t have a car navigation system available, this Location app will help you get your way around. It is actually a very polished navigation system that is comparable to the lower end navigation systems out there, with a few “surprises” that just makes the whole experience of using it just a lot better.

HTC Desire HD Boot Time and Multitouch Test

The HTC Desire HD does not have any of the multi-touch problems we see in the Nexus One, or the HTC Desire. The touch buttons are very responsive and accurate, unlike what we see on the Nexus One. One of the touted features of this new phone is the starting up speed. In the video, I showed the speed of a complete reboot which amounted to about 25 secs or about 50 secs if you include shutting down. Also, when you shutdown the phone, it “hibernates” the phone and allows you to turn it back on in less than 10 secs (as seen in the video). This hibernation is similar to hibernating your Windows laptop, which completely shuts down your laptop but retains the state when you boot up again.

HTC Sense

HTC Sense has gone very far, now defining itself as an experience, rather than what people think of it as a skin or wallpaper, or small little features. It is defining HTC as a company of brilliance, style, and a company that cares about what just makes sense. A holistic experience, from your phone, to your lifestyle, to HTC Sense.


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  1. Great android smartphone! I think this phone is better than the populas Galaxy S. Sadly it’s still not available in my country 🙁

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