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iTwin Now Available to Purchase

iTwin is a portable device that allows simple and safe data transfer between any two online computers from any location, even when you are overseas. It creates a robust, peer-to-peer, hardware-enabled, AES-256 encrypted connection between the two computers.

Ok, enough of that marketing talk. Here’s my take on it. iTwin is a portable physical device that creates a connection between 2 computers (like a virtual private network) without wires or any complicated setup at all. You don’t have to know the other computer’s IP address, or set up some username and password, or worry about firewall problems.  You just need to plug iTwin in, and you’re connected to the other computer. Possibilities are endless, but right now iTwin is just offering file-sharing. But I’m sure you can see what other possibilities might be. Think of this as a physical cable without the cable. You can do anything with it – like Remote Desktop without having to create a dynamic DNS or knowing the other side’s IP address; running applications located on the other computer; and anything complicated to set up on your PC just to connect both computers.

iTwin is currently sold exclusively online at starting 10th October 2010 and retail at S$139.00 (inc. GST, excl. shipping) within Singapore. Choose between two beautiful colors – Lime Green and Gunmetal Grey. For customers located outside Singapore, iTwin will start accepting pre-orders via the website.

Currently, iTwin only supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 – with Mac OS X support coming in future.

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  1. An innovative and a smart product !!! Idea is simply awesome.
    Looking forward to buy one at the earliest.

  2. wow…this looks awesome. Should solve some of the woes of having to carry a physical USB HDD around with me all the time.

    Love that it looks just like a normal USB stick, but allowing full data portability !

    • Provided you have a good internet connection. Do remember that.

      I’ll write a proper review of the iTwin next week when I have the chance to explore it more. Look out for it.

  3. Cool product! Very convenient for Data transferring and synchronizing, thanks Justin:)

  4. Yes it is. Plus the added benefit of it being SECURED. And since it is physical, you don’t have to worry about lost passwords or other things like that.

  5. Hi, I am a mac user.
    Is the Mac version available in Singapore?

    Dennis Goh

  6. In your estimation, will the Mac version be Mac to Mac, or do you envision it will work Mac to PC and PC to Mac? Getting this regardless, as it is one of the nest ideas I have seen in ages.

    • There wil be a Mac/PC to Mac/PC version. It’s just a matter of time whether when they can finish the software layer for the Mac. What isn’t known is whether you’ll need to buy a new version of iTwin, or will a simple software install/update be enough to support Mac/PC to Mac/PC.

      But I don’t know when it will be available. The iTwin guys are working hard. 🙂

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