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Review – LG Optimus One

LG Optimus One (LG-P500) is LG’s first Android phone that comes with Android 2.2 (besides LG Optimus Chic). LG’s previous attempts with Android phones, like the LG Optimus GT540, haven’t been overwhelming within its target segment of the market. Let’s take a look at the LG Optimus One and you can decide whether if it is worth getting or not.


Remember the LG Optimus One is an entry-level smartphone so do not expect great specifications for this phone. But the notables are as follows:

Processor 600MHz
Display TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, 3.2″, 320 x 480 (HVGA)
Operating System Android 2.2
Internal Memory 150 MB
Camera 3.0 Megapixels, AF
Bundled Apps NDrive (turn-by-turn navigation), Augmented Reality, LG App Advisor
Suggested Retail Price $429 without contract

As you can see, there isn’t anything much that’s significant with this device.

What’s great about this phone?

The LG Optimus One is running Android 2.2, which says a lot about this device. Some of the benefits of running Android 2.2 is the ability to have a fast web-browsing experience, and also the ability to convert your smartphone into a wireless hotspot. However, it does not support Adobe Flash 10.1 due to the low specifications.

In spite of the slow processor, the touchscreen is pretty responsive and the LG Optimus One doesn’t feel too sluggish at all while using it. But do remember, if you install too many applications that run in the background, it might make it noticeably sluggish.

Give me the bad stuff

Because there’s only 150MB of storage space, and even though you can move/install *some* applications to the SD Card, this device is not meant for users who downloads/installs/uses a lot of Android applications. However, the bundled apps that comes with the LG Optimus One are sufficient enough for a normal average user.

It’s a low end phone. Enough said. Don’t expect it to be an awesome phone that blows your mind, but just powerful enough to do what it can do.

Multi-touch Problem

Yes, the LG Optimus One has the multi-touch problem as shown in this video I took showing it. However, this phone will not really be used for a lot of gaming or any application that requires high multi-touch sensitivity, so I don’t see this as a huge problem.

Should you buy it?

The LG Optimus One phone is meant for people who want to use a smartphone to be connected when they need. If you are a person who browses the web to do a quick search or checking up on something (websites without flash), check your urgent emails when you need to, wants to be connected to social networks like twitter and facebook from time to time, but do not spend half the time on your phone and do not use a lot of applications and play a lot of games on your phone, then this phone might just be what you are looking for.


LG has finally found a sweet spot for their Android phones, offering the promise of a smartphone at affordable prices – SGD$429 without contract, with basic functionalities that a new user into the smartphone would appreciate and enjoy. However, if you are looking for more out of your smartphone, look elsewhere because this isn’t the phone for you.

+ Cheap and good
+ Bundled apps are good enough for most people
– Multi-touch problem
– Not enough internal storage


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  1. Your review indeed is an actual review. It points out adobe flash not support and multi touch problem which I didn’t see in other website. Other websites more like product promotion rather than product review.

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