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Supabold – Create and Purchase a Fluid Vase

Our very own Singaporean inventor, Fung Kwok Pan from Product Design, NTU (School of Art, Design & Media), turned his final year project (Fluid Vase) into a commercial venture. Now, you can generate a fluid vase realtime on the website, and have it 3D printed out for delivery to your home. The price of purchasing one of these custom vases is 399 Euro, with free shipping worldwide.

Fluid Vase is a vase designed by simulating fluid action. The motivation behind this project is to translate actions commonly associated with an object into the object itself, which in this case is the action of pouring water into a vase. In this vision, consumers would have various options such as the speed and volume of water, and be able to select a frame from the simulation.

Production is then done on demand with the use of 3D printing technologies. By creating meaning from the generative process and disseminating it through the interface of choosing, Fluid Vase is an attempt to create a stronger connection between the consumer and the product, an emotional link which is lost in a frenzy of mass-produced and identical goods.

Fluid Vase from Kwok Pan Fung on Vimeo.

Twitter: @supabold

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