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BlackSheep – Detecting Firesheep Running on the Same Network

I wrote about “Firesheep – Beware When You Use Wireless@SG” a few weeks ago stating the dangers of connecting to an unencrypted Wifi network like Wireless@SG with Firesheep making it easy for ANYONE to use and hijack your identity.

In order to prevent your identify from being hijacked, there are a few ways to do it – like using HTTPS while logging into any site, or just use an encrypted Wifi instead. However, if you’re a good samaritan and wish for all these evil people sniffing identities off open wifi like Wireless@SG, BlackSheep is a Firefox plugin that will let you know if someone is running Firesheep on the same network.

For you as a reader to do your part, please spread the word about this and how dangerous it is to be on an open wifi network like Wireless@SG.

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