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How To Prototype And Influence People (Video)

Rapid Prototyping with Aza Raskin from Dan Braghis on Vimeo.

Aza Raskin, creative lead at Firefox, shares some tips and tricks about rapid prototyping at the Mozilla Drumbeat festival. It’s a very interesting presentation where Aza Raskin demonstrates of live rapid prototyping in front of everyone.

For those who do not want to sit through the 30-minutes romp and his rapid prototyping, here are the principals of prototyping that he explains fully in talk:

  1. Your first try will be wrong. Budget and design for it.
  2. Aim to finish a usable artifact in a day. This helps you focus and scope.
  3. You are making a touchable sketch. Do not fill in all the lines.
  4. You are iterating your solution as well as your understanding of the problem.
  5. Treat your code as throw-away, but be ready to refactor.
  6. Borrow liberally
  7. Tell a story with your prototype. It isn’t just a set of features.

Here are the slides:

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