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Where Do You Want Me to do the iPhone 4 3G SpeedTest for all 3 Telcos in Singapore

Everyone from each telco has, in one way or another, complained about the 3G speeds of their telcos. Some say the speed sucks, others say the speeds are decent. Customer service usually gives excuses as to the reason for their weak 3G speeds – Old or faulty sim card; device faulty; other excuses (share your experience with their excuses). I’m going to try and find out which location has good 3G from which telco by travelling to every single location of Singapore and do a speedtest at that location.

I’ve recently, with the help of the telcos, acquired all 3 telco’s microsim (NEW, so no excuse of having an old microsim) with the standard 3G 7.2mbps download speed and of course voice (exactly what you’ll be using for your phone). I will test all 3 microsim card on my iPhone 4, a single device. However if anyone is willing to part with their iPhone 4 for 1 week, I will gladly use it as a second device to debunk the “device is faulty” excuse.

However, I need YOUR help to tell me where you’ll like me to travel to do a speedtest. The more specific the location (if you can give me GPS coordinates that will be even better), the clearer I’ll know where to position myself to do the test. Please comment below and I will put it in my list of places to visit and do the test.

P.S. I will do my best to visit all these places. Please go easy on me. 😛

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  1. Blk 613a Bedok Reservoir Road. Connection here from gsm till 3G is still bad, from M1.

  2. Here’s my suggestion:
    1. Central Library – Hanis Restaurant
    2. Central Library – Within the Public Library @ B1
    3. Jurong Point Starbucks & Coffee Bean
    4. Vivocity Starbucks & Coffee Bean
    5. Sembawang Shopping Centre Starbucks

    Thanks for all the leg work & hope you have fun doing it 🙂

  3. At the junction where Mountbatten Road joins up with Nichol Highway. On Starhub I will lose my 3G connection while on the bus. I will try to get the Google maps GPS coordinates for you before I hit the dead zone. 🙂

  4. KAP! Have the double samurai burger again! 😀

  5. Johor Baru City Square Mall, please!

  6. If you are anywhere near Loyang/Paris Ris area (eg. White Sands (1.372371,103.950266); Loyang Point (1.367244,103.964339))…Good luck with the tests!

  7. Got the co-ordinates for you,103.877347

    I’m with Starhub

    Inside (by the windows next to the self-checkout machines) Library at Esplanade used to be very bad but now it has improved somewhat.

  8. What about if you test 3g speed on Redline MRT between Citihall and bishan?

  9. Raffles

  10. While it is nice of you to provide such a public service, I do not see where you are going with this experiment. My experience with the 3G is disappointing. Was previously with Singtel and currently with Starhub. While I was in Bangkok, I had a better experience using their GPRS network using a prepaid sim card, i.e. webpages load slowly but steadily appear as compared to frequent disconnections that I experience with local 3G network.

  11. Thanks so much for this.

  12. Old Airport Road area

    Within Dakota Residences compound

    Currently on M1 3G dongle (using Huawei E220) – 1 Mbps plan

    Speedtest website on Mac OS X
    Ping 90 ms / Download 0.92 Mbps / Upload 0.36 Mbps

    Using Starhub iPhone 3GS – 7.2 Mbps plan

    Speedtest on iOS 3.1.3
    Ping 198 ms / Download 2.01 Mbps / Upload 0.31 Mbps (usually download is a lot lot slower than M1).

    Are you getting similar results?


  13. Would be great if you could do this for LTE too

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