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Norton Internet Security 2010 + 2011 + 360 v4 Giveaway

On the 2nd day of Christmas… Yeah you heard me. I’m giving away more stuff. This time I’m giving away 2 copies of Norton Internet Security 2010 (upgradable), 1 copy of Norton Internet Security 2011 (retail price SGD $58.99), and 1 copy of Norton 360 version 4.0 with 3 licenses (retail price SGD $109.99).

Here’s how you can get it. Just comment on this post telling me you want it and if you have any preference for any product, and I’ll randomly select 4 lucky winners for this giveaway. This giveaway ends on 22nd December 2011 2359 and only people residing in Singapore is eligible.

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  1. OOO this I want. Whichever has anti virus! My ESET running out.

  2. Cool, I am interested in the NIS 2011. My current copy is expiring, and I missed the launch due to work. Sad.

  3. I have a trial of Norton Anti-virus and I love it. I can get 360 free through comcast, but I rather have Internet security 2011. Norton is so cool and easy to use and the firewall is great in the suite without the other add ons of the 360. Please count me in, would love to have the internet security. I would even take the 360 if it was my own copy. Do not trust Comcast.

  4. Thanks alot for holding these giveaway for the public ! Although there are only 4 copies to be given away but I really hope tht I’m the lucky one ! Can I jux say anyone will do ? :} Because there’s going to be a greater chance to win any anti-virus softwares ! I don’t mind which one is it as long as it can protect my dear computer 🙂 Thanks alot again ! 😀

  5. This is neat as my Norton antivirus just expired. 🙁

    May I have the NIS 2011? Thanks.

  6. I would love to have some protection with Norton Internet Security 2011. Thanks.

  7. Would love to have anyone of them, thanks.

  8. Hope to own it! Thanks & merry xmas in advance!


  9. I have used many other security softwares and my fav are norton, eset, and recently because I lost my job, after the expiry of my paid security softwares, I used ms security essential. It was great and free. However, the ms security killed the wireless LAN on my 2 Acer laptops. I’ve tried and tried many times and confirmed it to be the culprit. Now my 2 Acers are without any protection, so I seldom use them to surf. I sure hope to win this norton suite for protection. 🙂

  10. cool product…

  11. I would love any one of them, so as to protect my computer. My NIS 2010 is running out soon. Please make this a Christmas gift for me! Thanks! 🙂

  12. Finally a nice giveway this christmas,i like it,becoz am a new user,but when name comes with norton,i feel safe,i am taking part in this giveway becoz i came frm middle class so i cannot afford the price if this give way will select me…….i will be thankful,,,,,,

  13. Thanks for your post. I am currently using McAfee Security which came with my new laptop. Dream of having Norton Internet Security 2011 however don’t have budget to buy it (all marked for X’mas shopping!). Heard that norton is the best but haven’t tried it. The trial versions do not last longer to completely experience it… Fingures crossed to win this giveaway.

  14. OHAI! I just got a new laptop for early X’mas prezzie, and am student so can’t afford to get Norton! Would really really REALLY love to have a set! Any version is fine, cuz I really really REALLY need it.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaways, and MERRY X’MAS!

  15. In this high-technology world, with viruses etc. internet security is of upmost importance to maintain privacy of the Internet user. Having used Norton Internet security 2010, any viruses in my computer was at first moment detected and deleted. I find norton internet security reliable. So I really hope that I can win the norton Internet security 2011 from you. Pweety please? it would be a wonderful chrismas present for me! :))

  16. Would like the 2011 version please!
    Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  17. Hi Justin, thank you for your generosity and organising this giveaway.

    My preference will be the Norton360v4.0

    By the way, what’s the major diff btw 360 & NIS?

  18. Any of them is fine, thanks!

  19. Hi, I would like the 360 version. Thanks!

  20. I would really like Nis 2011. Thanks!

  21. *** merry christmas ***
    I hope i can win the norton internet security with 3 license for me and my family.
    Thank you.

  22. i wish i can win the internet security 2011 version.

  23. its cool happy chrismas i want 1 copy please.

  24. Hey, when will the results be known?

  25. I hope to get the free copy of Norton 360 version 4.0 as my copy of Norton Internet Security 2011 is expiring soon in less than 14 days. Out of job, so I need to get some free stuff if possible. Thanks.

  26. Thanks for the contest Justin Lee.

    It will be nice to win the award winning Norton 360.
    however its seem like there only not much people attacted to this post?

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