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Norwegian Wood (Noruwei no Mori ノルウェイの森) Movie

I didn’t realize Norwegian Wood, a classic love novel written by a famous author Haruki Murakami (one of my favourite authors of all time), was adapted into a movie! It just got released in Japan on the 16th December 2010, and 36 other countries over the next few months. I hope it comes to Singapore soon! I can’t wait to watch it and buy the DVDs!!!

Norwegian Wood (ノルウェイの森, Noruwei no Mori) is a 1987 novel by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. The novel is a nostalgic story of loss and sexuality. The story’s protagonist and narrator is Toru Watanabe, who looks back on his days as a freshman university student living in Tokyo. Through Toru’s reminiscences we see him develop relationships with two very different women — the beautiful yet emotionally troubled Naoko, and the outgoing, lively Midori.


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  1. Just go and buy it online and ship over la. If they don’t have worldwide shipping, there’s always vPost. 😉

  2. hi guys~ do you know when it will be on show in SG? Thanks

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