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Ever Wondered What Joe Augustin’s Little Cupboard Looks Like?

Have you listened to The Morning Jam aka “The Shareen and Joe Show”? If not, you should. And I’m very sure those who have listened, you would have all heard the jingle regarding Joe Augustin‘s Little Cupboard. I just happened to have the chance to actually see the cupboard and take a few photos of it. I couldn’t believe he actually created a studio from a corner cupboard. This is where our favourite Joe Augustin does his voice overs and other recordings. Apparently, Shareen actually sits behind Joe whenever “The Shareen and Joe Show” gets recorded.

Check out all my photos of the famous Little Cupboard (seems to be something wrong with Picasa’s Slideshow):

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  1. Justin! Joe just finally tore down this cupboard today. He’s so sad. But on to better, younger model.

    Thanks for taking nice photos of our Little Cupboard!

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