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MicroVision – The Future of Projected Display is Laser

MicroVision is a leader in innovative ultra-miniature display technology using laser. They are the creator of the world’s first ultra-miniature laser scanning technology whose current clients include the US Air Force and NASA, and had chosen Singapore to build up its first Global Research and Development Centre in Asia at Nanyang Technological University. This new R&D Centre is set up to develop breakthrough innovations in laser display and imaging for mobile, automotive, and medical applications.

Along with the collaboration between MicroVision and Nanyang Technological University, they showcased their new MicroVision SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector, a commercially available product that uses MicroVision’s innovative laser technology, that allows projection from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad devices. Here’s a brief on the features:

  • Infinite Focus
  • Plug & Play
  • Thin & Light
  • Movie Capable
  • Wide Field of View
  • Wide Screen Resolution
  • Bright & Uniform

But what stole the show away for me was their MicroVision NOMAD Personal Display System and their MicroHUD. Essentially the NOMAD Personal Display System and the MicroHUD are wearable display devices that reflects the projected screen off a glass screen. So you get a projection of information on your see-through glass screen. This enables the use of various information overlaid on top of reality, furthering the use of augmented reality.

I see more uses of project display using laser becoming available commercially as the technology miniaturize and mature. The future of project displays will soon be wearable, miniature, and augmented.

From MicroVision Product Showcase, posted by Justin Lee on 4/17/2011 (30 items)

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