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A Guide to Visual Design for Everyone

I highly recommend “Clean Up Your Mess” to everyone who has anything to do with conveying information visually to people, that includes but not limited to websites, brochures, advertisements, Powerpoint slides, resumes, party invitations, etc. It explains the basics of visual design to create a clean, mind-soothing design that everyone can appreciate.

The 5 basic information needs are:

  1. Deciding relevance. Do I even care?
  2. Getting an overview. What are the main ideas? What’s most important?
  3. Basic comprehension. What text explains this chart?
  4. Retrieving buried details. I remember something about an orangutan… where was that?
  5. Finding actionable details. How do I get in touch?

The 3 basic visual features are:

  • Size
  • Proximity
  • Alignment

which will also explain an important tool – elimination.

You have to read it –

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