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Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Press Conference and Summary (Video)

Microsoft announces the new Windows Phone 7 Mango update with 3 key improvements – Communications, Applications, and the Internet. The video and summary after the break.

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  • Customers want 3 main things for their phones
    • Communications – Connect and share with family, friends, and colleagues
    • Apps – Rich applications to do more everywhere you go
    • Internet – Harness the power of the internet from the palm of your hand
  • Communications
    • People-centric approach to communications
    • Bringing more information to live-tiles
    • People Hub
      • Added Twitter and LinkedIn
      • Added all the pictures that your friends has been posting, and tagged
      • Rich communication history like call history sorted by person, emails, picture messages, text messages, IMs
      • Visual voice mails
      • Groups to mirror relationships to people
        • Live tiles for groups
        • Filter of social networks just for this group
        • All the pictures specifically for this group
        • Group communication with email, text, IMs
        • Pin group on the home screen
      • Integrated Facebook Chat and Live Messenger
    • Prediction future words
    • Threads on Messaging
      • Combines all communication to 1 person into 1 thread
      • Seamlessly switch between text, messenger, Facebook chat to continue the conversation
    • Email and Calendar
      • Link 1 or more mailboxes
      • Threads on mail – both received and sent emails
      • Information Rights Management with Exchange
        • Do Not Forward, Do Not Print
      • Link the email and calendar experience together
      • Added Facebook events into Calendar
        • Details, wall, guests
    • Communication when your phone is out of reach
      • Text to Speech
      • Speech recognition
      • Interpret acronyms
  • Apps
    • Applications are alive as part of the total experience
    • Upgraded all the 4 hubs
    • Pictures Hub
      • Automatic Face detection when uploading to Facebook
    • Office Hub
      • Connect up to Office 365 and SkyDrive
      • Ability to see, make changes, highlight, auto-sums, etc.
    • Xbox Live Hub
      • Fast app resume
      • No effects on battery performance
      • Collectables and add-ons, clothes, reflected on your avatar
      • Social experience
        • Friends, Messages, Recent games, compare scores, etc.
    • Switch between multiple apps – press and hold the back button (Multi-tasking)
    • Live notifications, live tiles updates, live status pushed straight into the application based on location, time of day, etc.
    • App shortcuts
      • Go directly into the part of the app
  • Internet
    • Internet Explorer 9
      • Hardware acceleration
      • Exactly the same as desktop
    • Deeply integrate Bing to make it easy to find, decide and take action
      • Use location, sensors, voice, typing, social, apps
      • Quick cards
        • Provides relevant information, not links
        • All the information you want to search for deeply integrated to your apps
        • Blur the lines between internet search and apps
    • Local Scout
      • See everything in a given neighbourhood
      • highlights, eat+drink, see+do, shopping, favourites
      • indoor maps, store locations, details, etc
      • Upcoming events at the location in a quick card
    • Visual Search
    • App Connect
      • Connect directly between Bing Search, Hubs to your Apps
  • Over 500 new features
  • New Hardware manufacturers – Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE
  • Mango will be used on the first Nokia Windows Phone

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