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Innovations shown at HP Labs Singapore

HP Labs Singapore opened in February 2010 and is HP Labs’ third research site in the Asia Pacific region and seventh worldwide. It serves as a hub for open innovation in the region and represents HP’s investment in driving its Everybody-On vision.

There are two labs in HP Labs Singapore.  The Service Platform Lab aims to advance state-of-the-art cloud computing through exploratory and indepth research. The Applied Cloud Computing Lab complements this by focusing on applying existing and new cloud computing research to real world situations.

5 innovations were showcased at the HP Labs Singapore recently:

Mobile Health Monitoring System

Providing anytime anywhere health monitoring system and other related healthcare services through the use of lightweight medical sensors, mobile devices and the cloud. The lightweight medical sensor collects raw health data, the mobile app receives the data and posts them to the data collector in the cloud. The health data is then processed and viewed by subscribers and doctors. Anomalies in the health data will trigger alerts to healthcare service providers to carry out follow up actions instantaneously.

Cloud Dashboard

Cloud Dashboard aims to provide comprehensive cloud infrastructure management in a hybrid cloud environment.  It focuses on providing the capability to manage heterogeneous cloud resources across multiple providers, and proposes to be empowered by a multi-tenanted infrastructure management portal with featured tools to meet the requirements of enterprise operations, such as account aggregation, reporting and analytics, corporate account, policy implementation engine, etc.

Trust Cloud

In order to increase the level of confidence in using the cloud, there are preventive measures (e.g. security and privacy) and deterrent measures (e.g. accountability and audit-ability). While preventive measures are actively being researched, there is still little focus on deterrent measures. Trust Cloud aims to propose and develop a suite of inventions and industry solutions which will empower end-users of cloud services with the capabilities to  trace, log, and investigate the access, modification and transfer histories of their sensitive data stored within a cloud.


μCloud explores the approaches to allow cloud-enabled mobile apps to be easily built by layman users without programming efforts and explores green (i.e., energy efficient) and scalable methods for deploying such apps in a multi-tenancy platform. These include methods to prolong battery life of mobile devices by intelligently offloading resource-intensive tasks to the Cloud.


SoMA is a system to support discovery, analysis, and modeling of social intelligence with data mining, natural language processing, and other related technologies. Social intelligence includes a spectrum of knowledge that characterizes human communication, interaction, and collaboration. Examples include insights about what products/features users are discussing, what users’ sentiments about those products/features, and which sets of users are most influential. They have built a Proof-of-Concept system, Voters’ Voice, which applies our technologies to analyze netizen’s online discussions about Singapore General Election 2011 on Twitter  and Facebook.

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